Monday, 19 May 2008

DS1502 - Swedish 1, Elementary Level

Swedish was my last course i did at KTH. I always wanted to learn another language beside english and therefore it was really good to have this opportunity during my exchangen semester. maybe i am far away from speaking fluently but still i do have a little bit more knowledge than before and hopefully i´ll not forget all of my new language skill.

BB2160 - Structure biology

So, there are just a few days left before going back home, so i´ll try to finish my blog soon.
another course i took is called structure biology and beside of theory about secondary structure, protein-dna interactions and protein x-ray for instance, we also did a laboratory course. during this course we got familiar with a 3D program (KiNG - KinemagesNextGeneration) for looking at 3D models (also known as *.pdb files) and electron density maps. that was really fun and also the literature work i did together with kathy about "the structure of a plant photosystem I supercomplex at 3.4 Å resolution" was fun and was marked with "very good!" from our professor ;-)
this model shows the photosystem I complex with its connecting four ight harvesting chains. the light harvesting chains are located at the bottom of the supercomplex and consist of Lhca1 (beige), Lhca4 (brown), Lhca2 (magenta) and Lhca3 (blue) in a half-moon shaped formation.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

valborg i uppsala

one boat of the racing
lots of people watching the boats chrushing into pieces
uppsala cathedral; the biggest/highest one in sweden
later in the park
bbq with stefan, laura and kathi
after the party/picknick

family visit

having a picknick on sandhamm(mum, berni, omi and hilla)bernhard sitting on the horse alfonso in junibacken, the astrid lindgren museum in stockholm
bernhard and my grandmum

Friday, 28 March 2008

easter break - riga, tallinn, helsinki

during the easter break we (kathi and her friends from austria tina, simone and babsi, and andreas and daniel from the kth) did a trip to the baltics. first we took the overnight ferry to riga, the capitol city of latvia. riga is a very nice city which has a beautiful city center with lots of small streets and churches. but it is also worth to go a little bit ouside of the town. then you can see the other side of riga; old and rotten buildings and people which are very poor and live a hard life with hardly beeing recognised by the leading class.

only daniel, andreas and me went further to the next capital city, tallinn of estonia. tallinn is much bigger and livelier than riga. you can find many more tourists and more shops. but youcan also find medieval parts of the city, like the old city walls and defending towers.

the last city i´ve visited was helsinki, the capital of helsinki.
at the seafortress suomelinna

AK1210 - swedish society, culture and industry in a historical perspective

this is another course i am participating in. it is divided into 3 main themes:
* politics, culture and society
* science, technology and industry
* swedish architecture and city planning

for each of this sections there are two or three lectures and additional to that they show us a film or we make an excursion to a museum or to a specific part of the city.
we also have to work in small seminar groups and discuss about one given question regarding to those three topics.
a multiple choice test is also done.

so far we´ve been in the nobel museum, the national museum of science and history and we did a tour around the main campus. next time we are walking through the city center, gamla stan, as well as through a suburb of stockholm named alby or through vällingby.
another excursion will lead us to skansen which is a outdoor museum.

Saturday, 8 March 2008


this weekend there are local elections in my homecounty, lower austria. therefore i received my ballo paper, but i had to build up my own polling booth all by myself. but for me as an politically interessted and dutifully person that was no problem.